Our Approach
"When it is obvious that the goals cannot be reached, don’t adjust the goals, adjust the action steps." -Confucius


Our complimentary initial meeting is about getting to know you. We want to learn about your goals and objectives, what you want in life, your motivations and fears. The financial information you bring provides us with a snapshot of where you stand in relation to where you want to be. We help you clarify and prioritize your financial goals and explore your beliefs and attitudes about money.

You learn how we help clients achieve long-term financial success and understand why it is closely correlated with clear objectives, a well-defined strategy, and seamless execution. Through a discussion of capital market behavior and principles of portfolio management, you will understand why, for us, managing a client’s expectations is as important as the process of managing money. A second information sharing session is scheduled as needed.


When you engage us to provide wealth management services, we develop an investment policy statement and present you with an investment strategy tailored to your time horizon, goals and objectives, risk tolerance, income/liquidity needs, and investment return expectations. In creating each client’s customized portfolio, we use an asset allocation approach as the foundation for all investment decisions. Accordingly, we build diversified portfolios that capture the dimensions of expected returns. We manage expenses, turnover, and taxes by utilizing low cost passively managed index funds and exchange traded funds (ETFs). Accounts are established in your name and you will receive monthly statements and quarterly performance reports so you will always have a complete picture of where you stand and how we are doing.

Analysis &

Because we firmly believe that investments should never be managed in a vacuum, we holistically integrate financial planning with portfolio management. During the first several weeks after our engagement, you will receive an independent and objective analysis of the strengths and weaknesses in the areas of your financial life that matter to you. Whether it is building wealth for retirement, preserving your estate for heirs, budgeting, reducing income taxes, insurance to protect you and loved ones from financial loss etc., we will provide specific recommendations to set you on a path to achieve your goals. The analysis and recommendations will serve as a roadmap to help you get from where you are to where you want to be.

Review &

At regularly scheduled meetings, we review your investments in relation to your financial goals and revisit financial planning topics, continuously integrating the many areas of your financial life. As your advocate and financial coach, we will help you reality-test choices, evaluate trade-offs, and make decisions aligned with where you want to be. Our strength lies in helping our clients understand that the world is an uncertain place and that by taking a long-term view of investing, maintaining a sound investment philosophy, and remaining diversified and disciplined through various market conditions, you can remain on track to achieve financial well-being and attain a greater sense of personal fulfillment.